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Harry Potter GIF Challenge

Harry Potter GIF Challenge

Your reaction to your Hogwarts letter:

Your parents’ reaction:

You in Diagon Alley:

Boarding the Hogwarts Express:

Eating a chocolate frog:

Taking a boat across the lake:

Your best friend at Hogwarts:

What you think of being their friend:

Wearing the sorting hat:

Your house’s reaction when you sit at their table:

Your reaction to being called a mudblood:

When you first see a ghost:

You’re learning how to fly:

What you do in class:

What you get put in detention for:

What you do in detention:

When you’re selected for the Quidditch team:

What you do when you win the house cup:

You saying your goodbyes for the summer:

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    i find it really funny how it’s like Harry Potter GIF challenge and it’s like “K-POP EDITION”. See told everyone K-pop...
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